2013 Year In Review: Marketing In One Word for 2013: Social

It has been an interesting year in marketing. Much of what was considered viable…and even necessary for a business to include in their marketing plans has drifted off into marketing “history” as Google and Facebook have perfected ways to target specific customers down to their age, income and geographic location. The print industry has seen even further declines as they scramble to stay relevant in a digital world. Even online advertising…with their banner ads and square ads and other “pop up” display advertising options have see many of the once “sure thing” advertisers start to look at how to be smarter with their ad dollars. One thing is sure…it’s not enough to be in someones face with a message anymore…customers are demanding more and more and want to be related to…relationships are vastly superior in today’s marketing landscape to frequency and reach. The conundrum on most business owners minds right now as they go into 2014 is, “how can I build LOYAL followers of my product/service?”….They are realizing it isn’t JUST a 2 week radio campaign and a couple of billboards.

The reason I chose social for my word of the year isn’t just the social media outlets that have, in my opinion, started to perfect what IS the new marketing norm…ALL media that you engage in..all marketing…all advertising MUST have a social element to it. Your radio spots must be relatable and build trust. Your Facebook page can’t just be a once a week thought, but a daily investment in your most loyal fans. Every piece of your marketing puzzle must answer the question, “how can I keep my customers away from my competitors?”

If you have yet to sit down and develop your 2014 marketing strategy…it’s time. You MUST look at old “staples” in your marketing budget and evaluate their effectiveness. Phone book ads are done. Print ads that have NO online element are done. Leaderboard’s are done. DIVERSIFICATION in the online market with your ad dollars is a must for a profitable 2014….If you don’t have a marketing advisor, I’d be happy to help, if you do, get your plan on paper and get ready for an amazing year!


Jeff Petermann, CMG

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